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Hey There. My Name is Kelly. and well My Life has been very up and down.

a Number of things has happened to me from a early age. I watched my mum suffer with mental illness in and out of hospital. and I become out of control and was hanging around with the wrong kind of people, getting into trouble at school. and in the end being excluded from school.
I then battled with grooming. I was involved in a circle of grooming I was groomed and abused by a lot of men. even raped. I was in that circle for years on and off, but I can happily say I am out of that circle now.

iv had close friends most of my life. but for some reason they have always hurt me so badly. I now don't have any friends. I just can not trust anymore. I used to get close to people so fast so when I lost them it hurt me deeply. iv been close to teachers, friends. I know just can not trust.

iv recently come out of a domestic abuse partnership. I was with him over a year. he first hit me in January 2014. he ruined my 19th birthday sadly I will never forget it. and when I found out I was pregnant in May. he become worse and worse and in June I left. and I am not looking back.

so I am currently pregnant. I now have my own house I live with my dog Sharlow, she is my world. and I am just waiting for my baby to be born! I am interested in criminology. I hope to study it at University one day, I like to read about serial killers, and explore crime. I find there past and there lives interesting. when I spent a lot of time alone that's how I got into criminology when I spent a lot of time depressed and hide myself away for some reason I found comfort in it,

I love nature and taking pictures. I love walking in the spring time with the leafs falling off the trees and exploring the rivers with my dog. I live in a nice area so I am lucky to have such beautiful things around me. growing up I never had such nice nature places near me. its something I got into as I got older.

hope that explains me a little.

Criminology is a big interest of mine, I like to read books about serial killers, serial rapists,
things such as that. I feel because I have met people like them before I feel I want to know there minds. I want to understand them. and sadly I can relate to some serial killers like Aileen Wuornos, some of the things that happened to her I can relate too. another interest of mine is nature, I love taking my dog on long walks exploring by the river, its peaceful. I always put my wellies on and join my dog in the river, exploring. I take lots of photos on my walks, and last thing I like is animals. My dog sharlow is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is One years old. so she is still puppy like, and she is my best friend and my only friend. I spend all my days with her. don't know what I would do without her.

Bullys, Backstabbers, Liers, Cheats, SPIDERS! Hate Them. i Dont Like Creepy crawlies If i See Them i Will Scream and Run off.

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October 12, 2014, 4:27 am
hope your having a good weekend my friend :)


Ride out the wave...

October 8, 2014, 5:09 pm
Hey :) ive been fine just tired I've been working a lot. Dont worry about not e mailing Its ok you have other things going on right now I completely understand.


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From: summer
October 8, 2014, 6:31 am
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October 7, 2014, 12:53 pm
Thanks, Kellie! (: I actually got my background by searching "vintage flower background" on google images, or something like that :P I'm doing alright today, I hope you are doing well also <3 (And your profile's really cute too, I love the colors :D)


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From: MNcamper
October 6, 2014, 4:01 am
Take it easy and relax, hon. A lot of what you're experiencing is just because of the pregnancy. Just "chill." You'll be OK. Take good care. ~Nancy


'Depression is also a form of fear, and at its deepest, it is also paralytic. It is as useless to ask a person immobilized by depression to summon the power of will as it is to bug a dance of a corpse.' Paul Gruchow, 'Letters to a Young Madman: A Memoir'

Music has helped me in many ways.
i listen to happy cheerful music, but mostly i listen to singers/artists who i can relate too!
growing up all i heard was my older brothers music and he played alot of Eminem. from the start i loved him! at the time his music was alot of anger, and at the time, i could relate to it because i had alot of anger too... i Can relate to his music in many ways!! His music has been a massive help.

a other singer who i can relate to is p!nk/pink her music speaks to me! her music is very down to earth. and so truthful.

i Love the Band Good charlotte! there music has also helped me so much. they helped me to understand what i was feeling in a weird way...

i just love all kinds of music! music i can relate too, music that i can have a laugh too, music that makes me smile. all kinds.

I Read True Story Books things that have happened to people in real life.

Ones That Make me Laugh, Cry. Smile,

Reading,Swimming, taking my dogs out for walks, facebook lol. ect

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