By: TryingXAddicus
Mood: Lonely
Date: Sep 19, 2014
Music: Love bites- Halestorm

I'm so close to cutting right now....I didn't go to school today, because my mom wanted us to walk and it was going to rain. We woke her up to take us which put her in a bad mood, and when I told her she'd have to pick me up early because of the pepraly I couldn't go, she said then I should just stay home. We ran eerands with her and everything was fine, we laughed and had fun. then we got home and she started acting like a bitch, yelling at everyone and just being her usual bitchy self. It just reminded me that she doesn't care about anyone besides herself. When she isn't getting her way, all hell brakes loose. With the way she's going, I know theres another break-down in the near future. And mine will happen tonight. Because I'm weak, and crying and trying to do anything to distract myself. It's not working and all I want it a razor inmy hand. I'm sorry.