By: TryingXAddicus
Mood: Excited
Date: Dec 06, 2013
Music: Girls~ Marina and the Diamonds

So, one thing I'd like to update on is my moving. We're moving to Florida, we have some family in the states already, and few in Florida like my mothers side lives in the lakeland area. We'll be getting this very nice three bedroom flat. The place has a pool, gameroom and a bunch of other things, so it's really cool. My dad will be getting a raise so, yeah I'm pretty excited, we're expected to move by summer of next year. (This is just so we won't have a hard time switching schools in the middle.)

Okay, now, the point of this blog! I know Florida is really beautiful and beachy. I've been pretty tired of my weight and just my body in general as of late. I'm offically 200 pounds at only 15, and, yes, I know I'm terribly fat, although I don't look too big (I mean it looks like I'm over weight but, I'm not like a mutant bouncy ball.) My arse is like, a flat granny's, and I don't like it. Now, my legs, my legs are big, that won't change, but I don't want my thighs to be so flabby, I want them to be rock hard and musuclar likemy calves, which are this way do to the ballet I've been doing for years. Anyway, my goal is to have a super flat tummy, a better looking arse and tighter thighs by summer.

Is this a weird thingto post? x3 I'm just excited, I keep picturing how awesome it's going to be to look like I want.