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By: sadviolinist
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Date: Jan 31, 2013
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It's cold and raining out. Fitting that I should be stuck inside the house on my first day of being alone here in years. That's okay though, I got a lot done this morning already and did all the errands I had to do so at least I don't have to go out in it and get soaked.

I've decided I must have a sense of doing things at the wrong time. I'm supposed to start a diet/exercise routine when the Abilify makes me hungry all the time, and I also decided to try to switch to an Electronic Cigarette so that I'm not getting all the smoke and tar. Let's just say that doing both things is almost impossible for me. I smoke when I'm stressed or hungry, but now I can't have a cigarette to curb my appetite. Oh well, I'll get used to it somehow, lol. Eventually my goal is to quit completely, but right now I'm just doing the best I can.

Today is going to be a laid back day for me. I'm going to try and relax. This past week has really got me strung tight, and I know that leads me into anxiousness and that is somewhere I don't need to go.

As for details on my Uncle's condition I'm pretty much in the dark except that he was hallucinating that he was in a condemned building and that there were cockroaches crawling out of the walls. My poor Uncle. :-(He's still in ICU and being watched carefully. I just called and he's still sleeping. They had to give him Ativan to calm him last night. He's apparently still under it's affects, but that's a good thing ~ he needs as much sleep as he can get right now.

My Mom and Aunt apparently fought again about all of it. I do not want ANY part of just escalates into madness and destroys the family little by little.

Today I'm going to call Social Security and ask for an appeal. I'm going to take the suggestions I got from my friend Rosey and get incredibly detailed about what I'm going through with the bipolar disorder, anxiety and personality disorder. Thank you Rosey for telling me that! (hugs)

Well, the sun has come out and the rain has stopped. We're supposed to be in the mid 40's tonight. Maybe if it dries up before tonight we'll have a fire and some smores...or maybe not since I'm not supposed to eat that stuff anymore. That's okay, I can still enjoy the fire. :-)

Hugs to all of you! ~ Key



From: camino
January 31, 2013, 8:19 pm

i've strugged w/weight loss and quitting thing that helps both:  drink water and no-sugar drinks through a straw.  you'll get your oral fixation and extra fluid intake that way.  also eat small and often: look at the clock - if you start a meal at 8am eat the next one at 11am and so on.  no less and don't go over 4 hrs between meals.  this will stave off the hunger and increase your metabolism.  stop eating at 7 or 8pm every day - surefire way to lose weight. when you have a smoke craving, go for a walk - breathe deeply.  you can do the breathing whenever you get a craving but going for the walk will take you away from the kitchen lmao!  the exercising and liquids will flush the nicotine out your system faster too. 

keya honey - in one month you will be amazed!!  and we're all here rooting for you!


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January 31, 2013, 11:43 am

 Dear Keya,

The background color cuts off the letters and makes it very hard to decipher your daily blog.

Seems as though your Mom and Aunt have years of discontent to go through to clear the air.

Getting benefits from our government is an endurance, especiallt since there are forces within the government that want to shrink the size of government and its usefulness, so that the rich capitalists can run the country as they see fit--it will only benefit the, We will have the rich and the poor with nothing in between.

I'm afraid the reality of our very greedy society is not much use to the mentally ill.



Coexisting with mental illness