By: bliss33
Mood: Other
Date: Oct 23, 2013
Music: None

Its been a few weeks since I wrote a blog. I'm not aure if blogging is a help to me mainly because it cause me to think. The more I think the more I start sinking into my depression. Things have been going so so for me. I kind of isolated my self to the world. I tend to think my depression is a burden so I stray from all. I cant avoid judgement but sick of everyone comments. I havent heard from my ex lately I guess instead of facing me she rather run from it all. she is very selfish when it comes to emotions or maybe its just me. I'm tired of the same ol sad story with us I jist rather let her go hee way and focus on me. I spent so many years chancing after her and catering to her every needs that I forgot about myself. its juat a misery im not willing to pay for anymore. I really do care for her but its now time to let go and find someone who will accept me for me.