Poem - 'Cuts'

By: naomijane
Mood: Content
Date: Jan 31, 2013
Music: Ho Hey - The lumineers

I don't usually share my poems coz i dont feel there good enough, but i feel its neccessary to share this one as alot of your will be able to relate to self harm, or helping somebody who is. Tell me what you think?



This blood is the tear; that I just can't cry
This pain is the anguish held on deep inside
The blade is my freedom, sets the pain free
Gives me the feeling of being something real

The blood runs like my tears

The pain relieves all my fears

For at that moment I feel alright

And all my problems are out of sight

'Cos when I cut the world leaves me alone

And when I cut I'm all on my own

And at this time I lose my mind

And at this time I try to find

A sense of reality that I lack

No shades of grey, everything's black

But when I cut I feel the pain

And for that moment, I feel I'm sane.

The scars are the words that I can't express
These feelings; these memories, no longer repressed
I'm no longer living, I simply exist
This is self destruction and I can't resist.

All the stress brings me down, it gives me no choice.

I can't seem to speak my mind. I just can't find my voice.

More cuts end up on my wrist. Something else i have to hide