blood and sand

By: indigo99
Mood: Lonely
Date: Jan 18, 2013
Music: None

my guide. my vehicle. my road. here i find myself riddles with pain and regret. inspite of tghat which those in my company say, i have no respite. i have only the hollow. that which is empty and void of sound or care. this disturbed ground i call a home. the reason i fervently try to correct the mistakes of the past. the way of my world. that which will never happen. here in this silence ive died. im so tired. so weary from the leagues ive traveled. soon, a choice must be made. either, go further and try to claim something better or forget the path and wallow in self pity and degredation. dificulty is much harder than one can think. here in the minds eye lies the impossible. that which breaks reality. and silences tongues.