sick guinea piggie

By: TessErin
Mood: Anxious
Date: Jun 20, 2013
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Dad took Cocoa back to the vet...he suspects she has another bladder infection...I keep thinking the worst. Cocoa is maybe 4 years old...4 and a half years is the longest any of our piggies has lived. I just worry about Emory if Cocoa doesn't pull through. I would rather adopt him out where he will be with other piggies then have him live the rest of his life alone.
I bought my first 2 piggies in 2005: Mickey and Griffin. They were both supposed to be boys but Mickey was not, big shock lol She went on to have three babies: Fluffy, Whiskers and Bandit. When Griffin passed away from a twist in his intestines, I was heartbroken. It was love at first sight with that lil guy. And then we lost Whiskers to possible cancer. Then Mickey a month later. Mickey's passing torn at me, as all of them have, but she and Griffin held a special place in my heart. They were my first "children" I guess. Bandit was the last of the "original" group. We adopted Cocoa so Bandit would have a good life. And when he passed, it again ripped my heart to shreds, all of my babies were gone...he had to be sent over the Rainbow Bridge because of bladder stones, the same thing we suspect Cocoa is dealing with.
I keep thinking no matter how hard I pray or wish that she get well, it will be to no avail.
Please keep our little ones in your prayers along with me and my dad.


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From: SteveH
June 20, 2013, 9:43 am

Family is important, and those you love are also family.

How to feel about a loved one moving on is the area of religion, so I won't touch it.  Just know that I believe that both you and Cocoa are special.


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