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Created: Mar 05, 2013
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Well here we go: was 7 or 8 years old, playing with sex with another friend, getting caught by my elder brother and my friend brother as well, lots of laughter from their side, was so confuse that i couldnt look at them for a while..years i think. stop school early when was 13 years old - work hard on site building etc etc.. big family,small house. younger son. first "sex" history was on video you know some porn.. was 14,started to play sex whre i was the dominator with another friend male until 16 then we stop..this was my last male experience at the same time was sexually attracted with my sister 2 yeras elder than me, no sexual or moral approach from my side, i never touch or talk anything about this to her. lots of porn movies. during my 20 years, got difficulties to have real sex with my gf, on internet they call this dysfunctio erectyl?? lots of effort and concentration needed to keep me hard for penetration. However, it goes easily and very porny when any lady act like pornstars.. lots of bad experience and excuses from my side towards those girls..who for sure laugh a lot behind my back,,,actually living with my gf since 2008, sex was good at first and now its getting more and more difficult..am sorry to say that, i prefer m porn movies to her. however i really really appreciate her. she dont know anything about all this. i alway find excuses to avoid sex with her..that make her sad...waht can i do??? i just want to rewind my life and kill that thing that have distyrbed my mind..i dnt know what to do. please help me.




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