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Created: Jan 28, 2009
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winteralone ( OFFLINE )
For those that don't want to be.........

For both sexes, who are somewhat uncomfortable about who or what they feel that they are, or want to be..... I'm not much on groups, as no one has wanted to join my first group. Hope that I have better luck with this one. Any questions, or sugestions, other than where you think I should go too, would be appreciated. Also, we need a group symbol.....I was thinking of the word GAY, maybe with wings on it as it is flying out the window.....what do you think?????? always willing to listen, or talk, or give advice(that no one ever wants).....So give me a shout to chat.......richard.....my cel is  612 - 747 - 7491  thanks..... No 'mean calls' please.....



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