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Created: Aug 29, 2008
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Location: York, United Kingdom
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RichardW ( OFFLINE )
A Peer Support Group for Members In Need,

Welcome! This group was formed with the goal of helping DTribe members when in a state of distress. We know some days are bad and some days are worse. We can relate. If you would like to talk or get feedback on your situation from others who have faced similar problems, join this group! Post your comment in the group forum and all group members will receive an email notification that a post has been submitted. We will do our best to reply and are here to help if we possibly can.

As well as being here in crisis, i would like you all to know that if this group makes you feel comfortable in speaking to us all, then please feel free to express yourself. Yes, this is a crisis group, but we here are all friends, if you need a chat then please drop us a message on the shoutbox within the group or in the forum. Lets all show some unity, we all together make a family, a family that i for one are proud to be included in.

Please Note: This is a peer support group only! We are NOT professionals. In a crisis professional help is recommended and we will try and help you access the relevant contact numbers.

If ever you are feeling hopeless, suicidal, or simply in need of talking to a live person please left click on the following link CRISIS HELPLINE INFORMATION immediately. Additional UK support information, please left click on the following: UK CRISIS & HELPLINE NUMBERS

* The above hyperlinks will lead you to relevant contacts and numbers for you to receive the particular help that you may need in most situations. Please single click either of the red links to access all relevant information and good luck to you, we are all here for you as friends. This group has many experiences within its very special members and that may be of help to you, whether in a crisis or just for some advice. We do not judge and we do care and will do our best. Unconditionally*




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