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Date: May. 20, 2011

Last Friday I had to stay late at work, and they told me I couldn't go home until all the work was done. I got done by midnight. I was coming home and was almost home when I saw smoke coming out of a house. I pulled my bike over as much as I could, but there was no shoulder, so I left it part in the road. I was going to break down the door to make sure there was no one inside unconscious. Right then this car pulls in, and this girl gets out, and this guy runs after her, tackles her, then hits her, then tells her to get back in the car. I think the guy saw me. They jumped into the car, and squeeled the tires leaving. This lady stopped at that point on the road when she almost hit my bike. I asked her if she had a cell. She asked me what the number was to call the fire station. Around here you only get 911. She tried to call, and it kept ringing. I told her I lived maybe four places down, I'd call from my house phone when I got home, and I did. They put me on hold.

The fire trucks came about 15 minutes later, but I didn't go back. I was tired and have been dealing with depression alot lately. The next day, the place was cordoned off with police tape. I told my friend what happened, and she said to call the police and tell them what I saw. I did, but it didn't matter. They already traced the 911 call it turns out. Anyway, they woke me up this morning, the man and the woman. They asked if I would go with them somewhere where we could talk. I told them I just woke up and my porch was fine.

On accident, ( I think purpose), the woman drops a folder with records and a couple pictures of me in it. Maybe she wanted to see my reaction, I don't know. Turns out there was no one in the house, but the woman that was supposed to be there, they were "unable to locate." They also said they haven't ruled out foul play. I was (am) so freaked. Why would they have pictures and records of me. I was only trying to help. They did say I was the only witness. I asked about the lady I left behind to stay at the house. They said they didn't know until I just told them.

I don't even know what to think. I wish I would have just kept going. I only wanted to go home and go to sleep. Anyway, I guess that's my drama for the week. Maybe the lady went on vacation and her grand daughter and boyfriend were smoking dope on her couch and knocked the bong over. I just know that I don't need this, but it doesn't sound good either. Tell me what you think. Did I do the right thing? Should I have just kept going? I'm sure it's not over. Sorry for the long note, I just had to vent and if it happened to you, what would you have done?


From: Di
May 20, 2011, 8:35 am

Well certainly calling 911 was the rightt thing to do. I called years ago when my neighbors house was hit by lightning and actualy recently when the neighbors house was torched by vandils. I wrote a blog about it.

Don't worry you did the right thing, if its suspious that doesn't have anything to do with you except for you calling it in and maybe a witness.

Try not to worry.

Thanks for reading my blog. Hold strong, yuck sorry to say that to ya but you understand its what we need to do.




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